Zelda Link’s Awakening

Uitgespeeld in 2001

18 Achievements behaald
Acquire the Full Moon Cello from Tail Cave.
Acquire the Conch Horn from the Bottle Grotto.
Acquire the Sea Lily’s Bell from Key Cavern.
Acquire the Surf Harp from Angler’s Tunnel.
Acquire the Wind Marimba from Catfish’s Maw.
Acquire the Coral Triangle from Face Shrine.
Acquire the Organ of Evening Calm from Eagle’s Tower.
Acquire the Thunder Drum from Turtle Rock.
Wake the Wind Fish from his slumber.
Help Marin fulfill her dream.
Acquire the standard shield from Tarin.
Find your sword on the beach.
Collect one of the 26 Secret Seashells across Koholint.
Learn all the songs for the ocarina.
Obtain the boomerang.
Get your first 20 rupees.
Collect 250 rupees at one time.
Collect 999 rupees at one time.

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