Motorstorm Apocalypse

Uitgespeeld 29/03/2011

22 van de 48 Trophies behaald
Make it to the party as Mash.
Collect 1 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards.
Win a race without ever entering Critical Boost.
Complete ‘Off the Rails’ as Mash.
Complete ‘Baked’ as Mash.
‘Look At’ 5 unique race incidents over 5 different races.
Complete ‘Aces High’ as Mash.
Complete ‘Credit Crunch’ as Mash.
Survive the Festival as Mash.
Make it to the party as Tyler.
Complete ‘Road Warriors’ as Tyler.
Complete ‘Wargames’ as Tyler.
Complete ‘Suburban Shakedown’ as Tyler.
Complete ‘End of the Line’ as Tyler.
Complete ‘The End is Nigh’ as Tyler.
Survive the Festival as Tyler.
Start the party as Big Dog.
Complete ‘High Way’ as Big Dog.
Use the Ram to wreck 10 opponents.
Complete ‘Sea Spray’ as Big Dog.
Complete ‘Final Drive’ as Big Dog.
End the Festival as Big Dog.

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