Gargoyle’s Quest

Gargoyles Quest 01 Gargoyles Quest 02

Uitgespeeld in 1991

21 Achievements behaald
You have slain an enemy.
Earn your first Vial !
Kill Zundo Druer and pass through the dimension portal !
Obtain the Fingernail of the Spectre.
Complete the level of the 1st bridge !
Kill Four-Eyes, obtain the Stick and the Blockbuster !
Obtain the Candle of the Poltergeist and the Dragon Armor !
Find the hidden Wings of the Falcon !
Pass through the 2nd Bridge !
Beat Bellzemos, meet Darkoan and obtain the upgrades !
Defeat the ghoul who wants to fight you !
Resolve the mystery of the Desert of Destitution !
Defeat Zakkudruzer and obtain the Power of Claw !
Discover who is the Red Blaze !
Complete the level of the 3rd bridge !
Find the real exit before Rushifell’s Palace !
Defeat Rushifell and obtain the Candle !
Reach the final bridge !
Defeat King Breager !
Watch the end !
Finish the entire game, congratulations !

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