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Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends 00 Burnout Legends 01

Metal Gear Peace Walker

Uitgespeeld 3/08/2013

15 van de 50 trophies behaald
Cleared Prologue: An Army Without Borders.
Cleared Chapter 1: A Country Without An Army.
Cleared Chapter 2: The Phantom Hero.
Cleared Chapter 3: A Nation Reborn.
Cleared Chapter 4: The Illusion of Peace.
Cleared Chapter 5: Outer Heaven.
Reached 300 Fulton recoveries.
Reached 100 hold-ups.
Reached 100 kills.
Reached at least 100 stun attacks or sleep-inducing attacks.
Recruited Hideo Kojima.
Captured a mech.
Read Huey’s love letter.
Shot enemy right in the middle of the rear end.
Defeated Pupa, Chrysalis, Cocoon, Peace Walker.

Gran Turismo PSP

Uitgespeeld in 2009

Wipeout Pulse

Uitgespeeld in 2008

Metal Gear Portable Ops

Finished in July 2013
Review pending

Ridge Racer 2

Finished in 2006
Review pending


Finished in 2006
Review pending

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer 00 Ridge Racer 01

Uitgespeeld in 2005

SSX On Tour

SSX On Tour 00 SSX On Tour 01
Uitgespeeld in 2005

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Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure 00 Wipeout Pure 01

Uitgespeeld in 2005