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Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong GB 01 Donkey Kong GB 02

Uitgespeeld in juni 2002

27 Achievements behaald
Get 50 Lives
Complete World 0-4
Complete World 1-4
Complete World 1-8
Complete World 2-4
Complete World 2-8
Complete World 2-12
Complete World 3-4
Complete World 3-8
Complete World 4-4
Complete World 4-8
Complete World 4-12
Complete World 5-4
Complete World 5-8
Complete World 5-12
Complete World 6-4
Complete World 6-8
Complete World 7-4
Complete World 7-8
Complete World 7-12
Complete World 8-4
Complete World 8-8 (Please Understand!)
Complete World 8-12
Complete World 8-16
Complete World 9-4
Complete World 9-8
Complete The Game

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Zelda Link’s Awakening

Uitgespeeld in 2001

18 Achievements behaald
Acquire the Full Moon Cello from Tail Cave.
Acquire the Conch Horn from the Bottle Grotto.
Acquire the Sea Lily’s Bell from Key Cavern.
Acquire the Surf Harp from Angler’s Tunnel.
Acquire the Wind Marimba from Catfish’s Maw.
Acquire the Coral Triangle from Face Shrine.
Acquire the Organ of Evening Calm from Eagle’s Tower.
Acquire the Thunder Drum from Turtle Rock.
Wake the Wind Fish from his slumber.
Help Marin fulfill her dream.
Acquire the standard shield from Tarin.
Find your sword on the beach.
Collect one of the 26 Secret Seashells across Koholint.
Learn all the songs for the ocarina.
Obtain the boomerang.
Get your first 20 rupees.
Collect 250 rupees at one time.
Collect 999 rupees at one time.

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Super Mario Land 2

Uitgespeeld in 1992

13 Achievements behaald
Acquire the Tree Zone Coin
Acquire The Space Zone Coin
Acquire the Macro Coin
Acquire the Pumpkin Coin
Acquire the Mario Coin
Acquire the Turtle Coin
Collect all 6 Golden Coins
Defeat Wario and get your castle back
Kill 99 enemies
Earn 20 Lives
Collect 999 coins
Complete all secret levels
Complete all levels (Use save slot 1)

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Double Dragon II

Double Dragon II 00 Double Dragon II 01

Uitgespeeld in 1992

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TMHT: Fall of the Foot Clan

Uitgespeeld in 1992

Gargoyle’s Quest

Gargoyles Quest 01 Gargoyles Quest 02

Uitgespeeld in 1991

21 Achievements behaald
You have slain an enemy.
Earn your first Vial !
Kill Zundo Druer and pass through the dimension portal !
Obtain the Fingernail of the Spectre.
Complete the level of the 1st bridge !
Kill Four-Eyes, obtain the Stick and the Blockbuster !
Obtain the Candle of the Poltergeist and the Dragon Armor !
Find the hidden Wings of the Falcon !
Pass through the 2nd Bridge !
Beat Bellzemos, meet Darkoan and obtain the upgrades !
Defeat the ghoul who wants to fight you !
Resolve the mystery of the Desert of Destitution !
Defeat Zakkudruzer and obtain the Power of Claw !
Discover who is the Red Blaze !
Complete the level of the 3rd bridge !
Find the real exit before Rushifell’s Palace !
Defeat Rushifell and obtain the Candle !
Reach the final bridge !
Defeat King Breager !
Watch the end !
Finish the entire game, congratulations !

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Double Dragon

Uitgespeeld in 1991

Balloon Kid

Balloon Kid 01 Balloon Kid 03

Completed on 1991

Motocross Maniacs

Motocross Maniacs 00 Motocross Maniacs 01

Uitgespeeld in 1991

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Uitgespeeld in 1991

11 Achievements behaald
Beat level 1
Beat level 2
Beat level 3
Beat level 4
Beat level 5
Beat level 6
Beat level 7
Beat level 8
Beat the game
Collect two protection orbs
Upgrade your ship weaponry completely

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