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Completed on 28/04/2019

Alto’s Odyssey

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Completed on 30/12/2018

Professor Layton & the Curious Village HD

Completed on 12/11/2018


Game completed on 16/12/2018

Valleys between

Game completed on 29/11/2018

Monument Valley 2

Completed on 08/02/2018

Old Man’s Journey

Completed on 07/01/2019

Donut County

Game completed on 24/12/2018

Device 6

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Lara Croft GO

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The Room 3

Completed 10/06/2017

Super Mario Run

Completed on 3/06/2017


Game completed on 04/01/2019

Infinity Blade III

Completed on 13/04/2017

Puzzle Quest 2

Completed on 18/02/2017

The Room 2

Completed on 30/12/2016

Hitman GO

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Infinity Blade 2

Completed on 18/12/2016