Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Uitgespeeld 2/06/2011

19 van de 54 Trophies behaald
Buy a combo
Acquire 1000 experience points
Defeat the Ice Titan
Get the Dark Gauntlet
Acquire the power of the first Dark Lord
Kill the Crow Witch
Buy 15 combos
Gain access to the Vampire Castle
Acquire 20000 experience points
Leave the Refectory with the Butcher’s key
Survive the encounter with Laura
Acquire the power of the second Dark Lord
Persuade Baba Yaga to open a portal to the Necromancer area
Vanquish the Gravedigger
Acquire the power of the third Dark Lord
Defeat Satan and save the world
Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty
Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty
Buy all the extra artwork

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