Assassin’s Creed

Uitgespeeld in 2008

20 van de 44 Trophies behaald
(Game uitgespeeld op PS3, trophies gebaseerd op achievements)
Complete Assassin’s Creed.

Have a complete Synchronization bar.
Complete all Reach High Points.
Kill one of your main targets like a true assassin.
Use Scholar blending 20 times.
Grab and Throw 25 Harassers.
Jump through 20 merchant stands.
A strange vision has appeared to you. What could it mean?
You’ve slain Tamir, Black Market Merchant in Damascus.
You’ve slain Talal, Slave Trader of Jerusalem.
You’ve slain Garnier de Naplouse, Hospitlier Leader in Acre.
You’ve slain Majd Addin, Regent of Jerusalem.
You’ve slain Abul Nuqoud, Merchant King of Damascus.
You’ve slain William of Montferrat, Liege-Lord of Acre.
You’ve slain Jubair, the Scribe of Damascus.
You’ve slain Sibrand, the Teutonic Leader of Acre.
You’ve slain Robert de Sable, but there is one more…
You’ve successfully completed the Animus tutorial
You’ve protected Masyaf from the Templar invasion
You have found the traitor and have brought him before Al Mualim

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